Enter the Governatooorr

As I am sure readers know, DAO governance leaves much to be desired. Projects experience low participation, DAOs are rarely autonomous, and participation is often low quality. But AI could offer DAOs a glimmer of hope. Enter the Governatooorr.

Valory AG created the Governatooorr, an autonomous governance delegate powered by ChatGPT. Users can give the Governatoorr tokens and then choose either a good or chaotic alignment for the AI controlling their tokens. Under the hood, the Governatooorr uses Autonolas to create multiple agents to ask ChatGPT questions related to specific governance proposals. Then as ChatGPT is non-deterministic, they come to a consensus on the proper answer to a governance proposal. Depending on the alignment choice for the majority or delegators, the agent will do either the opposite of what ChatGPT suggests (chaotic) or what it suggests (good).

As per their own writings, the Governatooorr is intended to be a light-hearted experiment to see if and how AI could be integrated into DAO governance. From a cursory look, it could be gamed by competing DAOs – for example, by accumulating tokens and choosing a chaotic alignment for voting. Regardless, this is a project to watch. Many projects dismiss or forget the autonomous part of DAOs, but AI could lead to a renaissance for actual autonomous systems. This is a project I will be following closely.

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