AI Podcast Series: TestMachine's AI Audit Agents, Stephen Wolfram on Intelligence, Emad Mostaque on The Largest Hardware Cluster and more

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We just wrapped up our AI Series on The Delphi Podcast. We wanted to share each episode here with a brief summary so you can tune into the one you find most interesting.

Andrew Kilbride and Matthew Lewis: TestMachine’s AI Is Attacking Crypto Code To Surface and Fix Vulnerabilities

WIth $10B in Crypto hacks, most recently Euler and Curve, we need a new approach to Crypto Audits. Testmachine is building a proprietary algorithm. leveraging AI, to attack crypto code in a simulated environment to surface bugs and propose solutions. Unlike competitors, there are no 3-6 month consulting wait times (plug and play service) and the system grows ever smarter as it gets access to more code.

As A developer would you rather wait months for a manual audit while your competitors lap you, or plug in an AI that can battle test your code in real time?

Delphi Ventures is a proud investor in TestMachine.

Stephen Wolfram: Unraveling the Mysteries of Large Language Models, Intelligence and Autonomous Crypto Agents

Stephen Wolfram is the creator of Wolfram Alpha, if you remember back to High School it’s the site you would use to figure out math problems on the fly.

Stephen will go down as one of the smartest people of our generation. His post on how ChatGPT actually works is the most understandable piece on the internet.

As a TLDR, Large Language models take in the vast amount of data on the internet and adjust billions of weights (parameters) which are just numbers. This allows them to probabilistically finish our sentences.

It’s an honor to talk to Stephen on the nature of AI, intelligence and the future of Crypto x AI.

Andriy Mulyar: The AI Trailblazer Making Personal ChatGPT a Reality With GPT4ALL

Andiry is the creator of GPT4ALL

Andriy offered the world large language models on your laptop the exact opposite of @OpenAI‘s one closed cloud model

Emad Mostaque: Stability AI’s Open Source Models To Drive Human Potential vs OpenAI’s One Model To Rule Them All

Emad is the founder of Stability.AI, one of the largest AI entities in the space.

He discussed Stability’s focus of creating open source AI models to drive human productivity Contrast to @OpenAI‘s closed nature and focus on one model to rule them all.

Jake Brukhman: Is ChatGPT Alive, OpenAI vs Stability AI’s Approaches to Avoid Killer Terminators, and Scanning Eyeballs with Worldcoin

Jake is the founder of Coinfund, one of the earliest Crypto funds ever. Jake has a knack for being very deep and early on new tech (AI, ZK, Urbit, Crypto) and his views on AI are thought provoking.

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