Another Celestia Migration

Aevo (the perp L2) announced their migration to Celestia for DA. This is another in a fast growing list of rollups switching their DA from Ethereum to Celestia to take advantage of the cost savings. Another recent one is Lyra finance, who pivoted to Celestia ~ 1 week ago:

Both of these chains are in the derivatives dex’s space, so pivoting to a cheaper DA layer makes sense given the throughput required. Another Celestia rollup, Manta, has even developed a DA Fee Tracker to show the cost savings of using Celestia vs Ethereum.


This trend is one we highlighted in the year ahead report, the “Alt-DA + Ethereum bridge” construction. It is one of the most important trends to watch over the coming year, especially as other DA layers like EigenDA come live as well as the introduction of 4844. Rollups are getting a lot cheaper.

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More thoughts on this here. Overall think it's most positive L2's themselves as they're no longer limited by throughput/fees, which means more overall economic activity and hence more L2 capture, while ETH loses DA rev and TIA rev is still largely immaterial.

Sounds like Ethereums dominant position is threatened from different players. Curious how this plays out. Any thoughts?

I think the more that move to alt-DA and notice no real downsides, the more that will continue to move. Then pressure will start on rollups that use Ethereum DA if they start losing users to cheaper L2's. It's not there yet, but it will come.