Bitcoin Light Pools

Now that Runes are live, Casey Rodarmor has theorized a solution to decentralize Rune/inscription markets. As I am sure readers know, the tr...
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is there any progress or team building for this ? because the runes experience right now is pretty "meh" to say the least.

Not that I have yet seen. Teams seem to be focusing on the L2 vector atm. I think runes kneecapped itself a bit by starting the character limits where they are, really killed the initial excitement that drove the BRC20 run. But could give Runes some longevity instead.

"L2 vector" whats that ? or you mean in general the L2 landscape ?

More that teams seem to be focusing on more general purpose L2s like RSK, Stacks, or BitVM. Light pools seem a bit different and more specialized.