Blast "Big Bang" Winners & Mainnet Launch

Blast released their list of winner in their “Big Bang” competition. While we have spoken about the technical/GTM attributes of Blast, there is no question that people simply do not give a fuck and it will probably end up being the #1 on-chain Casino in the industry. So here, we will look at some of the notable competition winners.

First, the airdrop table. The biggest winners will receive the largest “developer airdrops”. Some of these projects may give their airdrop portion to dapp users like is doing.


The winners will receive their airdrops on mainnet launch next week. The full list of winners is in the blog post below:

Ambient Finance is probably the headliner dapp, but there are many more like Banana Gun, InfinityPools, NFTperp, Mangrove, Particle, Gelato and Parsec.

  • Spot DEX: 5 winners
  • Perp DEX: 6 winners
  • Lending: 8 winners
  • GambleFi: 6 winners
  • SocialFi: 1 winner (
  • NFTs/Gaming: 10 winners
  • Infra: 10 winners
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Are airdrop to dapps distributed equally? (same amount for all winners) or is it dependent on dapp usage etc. Probably determines strategy on which to farm.