BlockLords Bearslayer Season and Point Farming Kicks off!

  • 1/ The aptly named “Bearslayer Season” has kicked off over at Blocklords, and it couldn’t be better timed to coincide with the moving markets and excitement we see flowing back into web3 & gaming. 

    In this thread we’ll explore all things Blocklords (BL). Where they’ve come from, are now, and are going. 

  • 2/ BL is a medieval strategy game where your choices shape the world. The game is a blend of strategy, economics, and role-playing set in a player-driven narrative. Players can farm their land, build their dynasties, conquer their enemies, and grow their empire over the course of many upcoming seasons. 

    As seen in the image below of the world map split up into its respective realms atm 

  • 3/ The game has been in development by Metaking studios, founded by David, and on the Seascape network. This team are OG web3 and gaming veterans who have built through multiple bears, launched multiple games & projects and are well backed by some of the finest VCs and other institutions. 

    And bonus points being they worked on games long before entering into web3 as well as other relevant areas that compliment their talents.

  • 4/ Last year BL launched its first playable and recently kicked off their “Bearslayer season””. This season among other things has introduced an experience farming system and leader boards (a popular thing we’ve seen in web3 recently w/ project in the runup to a token launch) as well as many game updates and improvements on their march to full launch. So now is the perfect time to give the game a download and begin building your empire and amassing your resources for war! 

(You can use this link to give it a go!

  • 5/ Speaking of downloads – here are some fresh traction metrics straight from the team on the recent season 

    • Downloads: 37,000+ since launching on the Epic Games Store

    • Weekly Playtime: Over 1 Million Hours

    • DAU (Daily Active Users): 8.7k

    • 54% Day 1 Retention 38% Day 7 Retention 

    • Social Media Impact: Over 239.75 million impressions

    • ‘Slay The Bear’ Campaign: 525,000+ views in 2 weeks, with 397 press mentions for the trailer

    • Press and PR: BLOCKLORDS received 1,000+ mentions in listicles, thought leadership pieces, and coverage of the Game.

  • 6/ Keep in mind, BL is still in development and has many features and core systems to still implement. But the approach is the right one, meaning –

    Resource management and gathering allow for players and kingdoms to build up the infra, and store the supplies needed for a region to go to war. Or else you’d have tribal squabbles and not epic wars. 

  • 7/ Once the kingdoms get established and rulers begin to emerge from the town level to the kingship itself, then the much awaited dynasty system can be put into place, where your lineage, decisions as a ruler, and fate in game all have a lasting impact on the world. 

  • 8/ BL is well positioned to fully lean into the next gaming run and has kicked off 2024 with a bang. Their team (who I speak to regularly) are a well oiled machine at this point and firing on all cylinders and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. This is a project you’re going to want to keep your eyes on throughout the year as they execute on the original vision (which you can peep in my tweet from ‘22) 

    Thanks for reading! 

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