Ceding The Battleground

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I wanted to highlight this tweet from Eric.eth because I think he is on to something. For a large part, Ethereum mindshare has slipped from the narrative zeitgeist – much to the surprise of many Ethereum proponents. Despite having attention-getting narratives around potential ETFs, ETH burns, EIP4844, v...
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Interesting take. And here I just thought Ethereum was suffering because the UX is virtually unusable unless you started your crypto journey when there was only Ethereum to use…. Unless some kind of master aggregator project shows up in the next few months, that abstracts away all these Bridges, L2s, ZK, DA, nonsense, I predict Ethereum becomes the MySpace Of moving society on chain.

I’m not saying that there is necessarily a fully well-rounded alternative quite at the moment, But if I was to introduce my wife or a friend to their first experience of transacting on chain, it would probably not be Eth….

if I was to introduce a developer to building an app or smart contract right now, it would not be Eth, I think it’s only a matter of time for this to be a consensus view.

thats a hell of a good point. The UX around ETH leaves a lot to be desired. I think both are true though, ETH has slipped from the narrative world, and the UX is brutal.

Although, it roared back into the zeitgeist with the recent ETF news!

fragmented state & fragmented comms innit

It really is.