DeGods Season III Is Coming

The DeGods Twitter account announced on August 1st that Season III, a highly anticipated phase in the DeGods and y00ts ecosystem, is set to kick off on August 9th. While many details are still kept under wraps, we do know that DeGod’s PFP art will undergo a refresh, featuring fewer “gore” traits to make it more accessible to new participants.

Season III is expected to span multiple days to capture maximum attention from the NFT community. Additionally, during the event, there are likely to be announcements about brand partnerships. Founder Frank has been actively seeking such collaborations since mid-June.

The primary focus here is to achieve virality. With Frank remaining silent for most of the year and resurfacing in July, it’s evident that they have devised a strategy to retain as much attention as possible. Frank has also expressed the goal of transitioning towards a model with more frequent experiences and drops, similar to what Reddit and Starbucks Odyssey have employed. This approach aims to avoid the boom-and-bust cycle caused by a single major event.

Considering all these factors, it’s essential to closely observe the ecosystem leading up to Season III and in the subsequent weeks. The conventional PFP playbook has already been exhausted, but if DeGods can bring a refreshing approach, introduce new experiences, and create viral loops, it may offer a glimmer of hope for the broader PFP ecosystem.

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