Ethereum Based Sequencing & Preconfirmations Call #3 - Notes

Notes from the last preconfirmation & sequencing call, it was pretty interesting so here’s a quick summary – link to call

Based sequencing ecosystem is growing: 

1. Besides Taiko, we now have a new based rollup in town: RISE, all we know so far is they’re a high performance, rust-based, parallel EVM.

2. The founder of one of the top rollup in production is planning to transition to a based rollup, my guess is Scroll but not sure.

3.Espresso is pivoting to build a blockspace marketplace for based rollups, here’s the full blog

4.Titan builder & ultra sound relay looking to provide preconfirmations services


Alex from Matter Labs (zkSync) raised some centralization concerns regarding based sequencing: they could transform Ethereum into a ‘big tech chain’ controlled by a few large entities (kinda same situation we’re in with the current builder landscape but worse)

Compliance with OFAC and similar regulations may lead to reliance on specific companies that provide compliance and KYC services. This centralized control can lead to false positives and negatives in compliance checks.


If there’s demand for synchronous composability, there’s going to be a need for a shared sequencing framework. Whether this happens through extreme sophistication leading to centralization, or coordination infrastructure that lowers barriers to entry, is unknown.

Ben from Espresso suggests moving away from ‘shared sequencer’ term towards the concept of a marketplace for shared sequencing, and how shared proposers can coordinate across different networks to offer tx atomicity


The market will determine the value and demand for shared proposer services. Some rollups might not find it beneficial to sell their blockspace rights due to a lack of demand, whereas others might find it useful to outsource proposing blocks to third parties


George from LimeChain introduced the concept of “based ticketing” (based sequencing + execution tickets), which involves 2 types of tickets:


1. Proposer Tickets: eligible to be selected as the next proposer for a rollup

2.Enforcement Tickets: have the authority to enforce constraints on the blocks proposed by proposer ticket holders, they can offer preconfirmations with additional constraints


Execution tickets is the new research the Ethereum Foundations is trying to implement, it’s basically a marketplace for L1 proposers to sell their block proposer rights to third-parties who will be sequencing and executing transactions.

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