Ethereum Is Still The King of NFTs, But Bitcoin is Catching Up

Ethereum remains the dominant blockchain in terms of NFT sales, with nearly 59% of all NFT sales volume originating from it. Bitcoin takes 2nd place this month with a 19.2% volume share as Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens continue to gain steam. Solana secures the top 3 spots with a 6% volume share this month. May saw the highest number of Bitcoin Ordinals being inscribed daily, averaging more than 250k since the start of the month. Since it first gained steam in February, total ordinal inscriptions on the Bitcoin network have also surpassed 11M and are showing no signs of stopping.

Mythos, a permissioned EVM chain with a focus on gaming, has been steadily climbing through the ranks with the introduction of DMarket, which allows gamers to trade virtual items from games like CS:GO and DOTA 2 on the platform. A total of more than 76k buyers and 71k sellers changed hands on the platform to generate over $33M in sales over the past month, surpassing blockchains like Polygon, Immutable X, and BNB in sales volume.

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