Everybody Needs *******

Today, the most adopted privacy technologies are VPNs and ad blockers, not because of ideological reasons, but simply because they are useful. VPNs allow people to get around geo-host restrictions and ad blockers save people’s precious time and attention. As with private dApps wanting to prioritize traction above all else, they need to be useful.

Luckily, it’s not very hard to find such useful cases in crypto given how constraining fully-transparent chains are. In most chains today, everyone can watch everyone. If you even make a single on-chain transfer to a friend, chances are, your friend will be able to not only see your entire transaction history, but also all your transactions in the future, forever. You will be eternally doxxed.

The motivations for privacy are clear. Privacy can bring new use cases, scale existing ones, and in doing so, grow the value of the on-chain space by orders of magnitude.

For more on the latest developments in privacy, check out our just-released report from Can Gurel here.

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