'Full Metal Privacy' Coming Soon to Holonym

Near field communication (NFC) is a wireless technology that allows NFC-enabled devices to securely transmit small amounts of data over short distances of 4cm or less.  NFC is essentially a more secure, shorter-range version of Bluetooth. It is growing in popularity and is the technology behind Apple Pay and similar contactless payment methods. NFC could be used more broadly than just payments, creating a secure channel to share sensitive data, allowing the user to shield their credentials throughout the entire authentication process.

I’ve been following Holonym for a while and while their zk-ID traction has been really impressive, I’m excited to watch their evolution as they begin to ship new products and continue to push crypto-native ID tech forward. Self sovereign identity is a big deal, and I fully expect it to emerge as one of the major categories in crypto over the next few years, alongside DeFi, Gaming, etc.

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