GuildFi Drops its Zentry Trailer.

GuildFi just dropped its trailer for Zentry today, which is going to be its rebranded ecosystem. This probably signifies the start of its rebrand and marketing efforts, and I expect more news to be coming out in the next few weeks.


Since my previous Alpha Feed post on GuildFi in December 2023 where I outlined how the token was trading at a discount to its treasury of $100M+, the token price has gone up by 4X and has an FDV of $620M today.


I look to BEAM as the closest comparison for GF. After Merit Circle (MC), another large gaming guild, migrated to BEAM, the token went on to do multiples and is currently valued at an FDV of $2.5B.

Flagging this for attention if you’re interested in this space.

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