How DMarket is catching up to Opensea by NOT selling NFTs

NFT marketplace DMarket has seen almost $9.5M in sales volume over the past week (~$1.6M in 24hrs) all thanks to CS:GO in-game items!

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It is still true that platforms such as Opensea and Blur maintain the lead, holding levels of more than $2M and $8M, respectively, in daily volume. However, over the past 24 hours, DMarket saw just under 90% more transactions than both competing marketplaces combined.

Why? Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) is why.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive (GS:GO) recently saw the number of concurrent players reach new all-time highs this past weekend, with more than 1.8M users playing the game at the same time!

Many believe that this recent uptick in interest in the game is due to the upcoming release of the much-anticipated launch of CS2. This excitement is not limited to the game itself. In-game cosmetic trading has also seen a notable increase in activity in recent months.

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DMarket is one of the leading platforms for CS:GO skins trading and was acquired by Mythical Games in late January. The MYTH token was quickly adopted as the marketplace’s main exchange token and the vast majority of recently traded items (according to Cryptoslam) were CS:GO cosmetics that used blockchain payment rails.

CS:GO undoubtedly has the world’s largest market for in-game assets, and it will be interesting to see just how much more it will grow in the lead-up to the launch of CS2 later this year.

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