Jason's Market Outlook - Week of 7.31.23

GM –

Here is the second markets outlook video series that I plan to post on the Alpha Feed. A list of topics discussed can be found below. Questions/comments are encouraged, enjoy and thanks for listening through my rambles!

Topics Discussed:

  1. Legacy Markets – S&P500 Index
    • FOMC raised rates 25bps last week, largely expected by analysts and the market.
    • SPX remains at similar levels to last week, and running up against overhead resistance ~4550.
  2. Crypto Majors – BTC
    • Caution still warranted in short-term
    • BTC price breaking below month-long range points to path of least resistance potentially lower in short-term, with support around the ~$27-28k level
    • Spot activity largely absent as prices meander sideways as BTC value areas migrates lower.
  3.  Flavor of the Week – The On-Chain Casino Churns On… as crypto majors look exhausted
    • Telegram Bots – still very risky (privacy and fee generation sustainability), may have put in a local top, but product usage and market risk appetite still appears to be present
    •  Meme coins Szn – $HPOS10I, $BALD & Base Chain –  new Coinbase L2 meme coin explodes to 80M market cap in 24 hours
    • DeFi Exploit? Still waiting for post mortem
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