Kicking Off L2 Season?

With the ARB token launch, the top two rollups that settle on Ethereum — Arbitrum and Optimism — have both begun spinning their incentive flywheels.

Quite clearly, these rollups are starting to find real traction. Rollups have already established themselves as a lucrative option for dApps that want Ethereum’s security guarantees without having to burden their users with high tx costs.

Arbitrum’s usage has been popping off — expectedly so. And though Optimism’s realized throughput has been lower the last couple of months, there’s still excitement around products being developed in the ecosystem.

Kwenta, a trading platform powered by Synthetix on Optimism, has been able to clear $100M in daily volume routinely. And this coincides with the lull in Optimism’s realized throughput. This is just one example of what Optimism is helping facilitate.

Between high-level data indicating usage growth on rollups and new project launches aggregating on these L2s rather than the Ethereum base layer, I can’t help but have this eerie feeling that we are close to the cusp of the “exciting” part of the L2 growth cycle.

The above charts were sourced from Dune Analytics.

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