Lessons from Moonbird's Diamond Exhibition Drop

moonbirds diamond exhibition.jpeg

The Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition is the last and final nesting reward designed to reward Moonbird holders that reached Diamond Nest status by nesting their Moonbird NFTs. Released on April 27th, 2023, the collection showcases 10,000 pieces of digital art from a talented group of 21 artists, including renowned names such as Beeple, Terrell Jones, Dirty Robot, and even their own co-founder, Justin Mezzell.

On April 18th, 2023, the initial set of nested Moonbirds that attained Diamond Nest status received the “Choice Pass” NFT airdrop. Between April 24th, 2023, and April 27th, 2023, those who possess the “Choice Pass” NFT can choose their preferred artist. On April 27th, 2023, there was a “Choice Pass” raffle and airdrop, enabling committed community members to acquire artwork from their preferred artists.

With almost 5000 Moonbirds eligible for the pass on Day 1, the challenge came: how to optimize and randomize the distribution of the artwork. Unfortunately, the drop was not optimized for wallets with multiple passes, which ended up getting repeated artwork. The team quickly spun up a new smart contract to let affected users reshuffle their artwork. After multiple execution hiccups (including canceling PROOF Of Conference and Project Highrise), some PROOF holders eventually capitulated and moved on from the project.

While the drop did not go as smoothly as planned, the team did reveal plans for a future token called TALON, and promised the community that future art drops would not repeat the same mistakes as this one.

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