Lollipop Racing — Next-gen storytelling

Lollipop racing is an interesting new project to keep an eye on. It represents a next-generation storytelling initiative that integrates NFTs and boasts impressive Hollywood support.

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David Ayer, the acclaimed director of Suicide Squad and the screenwriter for the original The Fast and the Furious, will be both writing and producing Lollipop.

The Lollipop series consists of 10 episodes set in incredible locations across the globe, with a strong emphasis on local cultures. The most exciting aspect is the audience’s ability to partake in virtual races, which in turn impact the plot. Utilizing Unreal Engine 5, the audience will be dynamically linked to Ayer’s story, granting them the power to directly shape the narrative. The project will be hosted on the Polygon blockchain.

The project is a fusion of streaming, gaming, and sports. With a connection between the story and the races, teams have to stay alert and adjust in order to succeed. Ayer is set to craft an engaging storyline with surprising obstacles in the races.

Anyone can get an early taste of Lollipop by purchasing actual lollipops on their website for $10 apiece. These are real candies, not NFTs, and will be shipped to buyers. There’s a rumor that a QR code on the lollipop will provide early member benefits

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