Magic Eden launching a token

This week, Magic Eden announced that it will be contributing its IP to Non-fungible DAO, a community-owned decentralized organization to drive the adoption of NFTs. It will be powered by a governance token, NFT. Most of the token supply will be allocated to community members who use protocols owned by Non-fungible DAO.

This is the “Magic Eden token” that many have been expecting. As of now, details regarding the Magic Eden token, such as its launch date and eligibility criteria for the airdrop, remain under wraps.

Some traders will probably shift their capital from Tensor to @MagicEden in hopes of benefiting from the airdrop. The extent of this capital migration and its impact on trading volumes are yet to be seen, I will be monitoring it closely.

Seems to be two potential ways to qualify for the airdrop (all speculative, none confirmed):

➡️ Earning Diamonds: Magic Eden’s rewards program for listing, bidding NFTs, and checking in daily. There are also 5 reward levels that users can reach based on their monthly trading volume

➡️Magic Tickets: ME’s NFT collection with a 30.6K supply, now at ~4 SOL floor price. NFT holders get access to private alpha channels on Discord and whitelist opportunities.

Tickets could be worth a punt, but consider a binary outcome here: ticket holders may/may not get an airdrop.

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Is this bearish because it highlights ME's desperation to get market share back? Or bullish because it shows ME's willingness to change strategy? Impact to Tensor short and long term?