Making Sense of Wild Market Moves

Given this week’s market moves, I wanted to share an update on where we are and what I’m watching right now. Enjoy, and please leave any comments or questions you have at the bottom of this post, I will do my best to respond to everyone.

Key Topics & Twitter Thread References:
1. Traditional Markets
  • A review of TradFi assets and markets over the last several months
  • A detailed look into the SP500 Index, key levels, and both short/longer term views as things currently stand
  • A (less) detailed look into the historically terrible year for bonds, specifically US Treasuries
  • A short look at the strong bid in Gold

2. Crypto Markets

  • Bitcoin is King
  • A review of BTC market structure, and what the market looks like today, with key levels and possible scenarios in the short term
  • How I think about the BTC thesis and narrative
  • How I believe Traditional Finance (in general) views allocation to crypto at this point in time
  • How I think about crypto allocation at a high level (ie. a barbell-esq approach to risk)
    • How I view other assets relative to BTC, such as ETH or SOL, and how they fit into my approach, and a possible ETH rotation in the future

Thread 1: Humble Macro Enjoyooor Thread

Thread 2: SPX Thread

Highly recommend watching on 2x speed (I like to talk slow). If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate you (and share your own thoughts below…!)

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