Neutron Draft Proposal Goes Live; Tentative April 23 Launch

More Cosmos news today as Neutron has posted an outline of their draft proposal on the Hub’s forum. Neutron is a general purpose chain running CosmWasm smart contracts and aims to be the first Consumer Chain to launch under ATOM’s replicated security. The notable points are as follows:

  • Gives the Hub a general purpose chain for Cosmos projects that would rather launch as smart contracts instead of appchains
  • ATOM validators will stake and secure the chain
  • 25% of gas fees and 25% of MEV on Neutron to be sent to ATOM validators/stakers
  • NTRN airdrop to ATOM validators/stakers
  • Protocols on Neutron to build around ATOM and NTRN as prime collateral/assets on the chain
  • Estimated vote on-chain April 3rd
  • Estimated mainnet April 17-23
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