New Portal Feature: Inline Comments

We’re excited to introduce a new community feature on our portal. You can now harness the power of inline comments across all of our reports, transforming every research piece into a dynamic discussion with industry-leading experts. For a more detailed look, watch the video below. We greatly appreciate your input, so please feel free to comment below with any thoughts, feedback or questions.




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It's a little tricky to know where the conversation is happening with so many reports. Is there a place I can see all the active conversations going on today?

thats a great questio - I also feel like a miss a bit. Notification for spoecific reports would be great imo.

Great question sir...

Soon, the Alpha Feed will feature updates on fresh comments and unfolding conversations. And guess what? We're gearing up to launch a comments section on all public profiles. Stay tuned and keep those eyes peeled for our next announcement! 🚀📢