NFT Artist Showcase: FEWOCiOUS

FEWOCiOUS (Victor Langlois) is a young but rising star in the art world. He began his artistic journey at the age of 13, and his introduction to digital art was a means of finding solace and a way to break away from reality. At the age of 17, he made his first sale of a painting, and since then, he has been producing and selling artwork through a range of successful NFT drops. He has also collaborated with RTFKT, an organization that combines fashion and gaming to create cutting-edge sneakers and collectibles. In addition, he has conducted an auction with Christie’s, a testament to his art style and collector’s interest in his art.

He already has a multitude of NFT art collections under his belt, including:

Combined, the 4 collections currently have a lifetime trading volume of nearly 12,000 ETH (~$21.4M), which shows the clear demand collectors have for his art.

In 2022, the young artist took over a warehouse in New York City during NFT.NYC and did something no artist has done before: Instead of doing a talk/showcase/panel, he decided to throw a FewoWorld Paint Party, encouraging everyone who walked through the doors to pick up a paintbrush or spray can and start creating art. Children and adults alike worked alongside FEWOCiOUS during the collaborative art event, which became the talk of the week among various art groups.

FEWOCiOUS is set to launch his upcoming PFP collection called Fewos this year. It will be based on the iconic artworks he is known for, set in Fewoworld, which is an expansion into his art realm. He recently launched the first official trailer for the upcoming collection too, which you can view here.

Further, the Paint Drop collection has already announced that holders will eventually be able to unlock things in FewoWorld, including Canvas and Fewos (PFP). If you want a higher chance to mint the upcoming Fewos collection, then having the Paint Drop collection will likely be key. The paint Drop collection is currently trading at a floor of 0.439 ETH.

To stay up to date on when Fewos will launch and more details on FEWOCiOUS, be sure to follow his personal Twitter account and Fewoworld’s Twitter.

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