NFT Traders Losing Interest?

Throughout April, major NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Blur, OpenSea Pro, and X2Y2 all witnessed a decline in weekly trader counts, indicating a continuing downward trend in NFT trading since February 2022. The peak trader count for the year was observed during the week of April 3rd. NFT traders have been in a downward trend since February 2022. As of the week of April 28th, there were less than 100k weekly NFT traders actively trading NFTs, making it the quietest month for NFTs this year.

Among the marketplaces, OpenSea maintained its leading position with a weekly trader count of 56.8k, followed by Blur with 19.5k traders. OpenSea Pro caught up with Blur, reporting a weekly trader count of 15.7k. Unless new narratives emerge, it is likely that the downward trend in NFT trading will persist.

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