Ordinals — a new artistic medium arises


I’ve been thinking a lot about Ordinals (Bitcoin NFTs) lately.

Imagine the first artist who smeared pigment on a cave wall. They didn’t have a paintbrush or palette, but they had a medium of expression, and with it, they told stories that have lasted millennia.

Think about the Bronze Age. Artists who had been chipping away at stone suddenly had a malleable, durable material. The sculptures they created were more detailed and lasted longer. It was a game-changer. Then came oil painting in the Middle Ages. Artists could blend colors in ways they never could with tempera paints. The result? A creative explosion we now call the Renaissance.

Fast forward to the 19th century. Photography comes onto the scene and turns the art world upside down. Now, capturing reality is a click away. So what do artists do? They start experimenting with how they can represent the world, leading to movements like impressionism and abstract art.

That’s the power of new artistic mediums – they’re not just tools, they’re catalysts for creativity.

And that, in essence, is the narrative of Ordinals on Bitcoin.

It’s a fresh canvas in the crypto space, a new medium that invites both artistic and technical expression. It sparks an exploration of untapped possibilities, fostering a cross-pollination of ideas. Concepts in the NFT sector, like Art and profile pictures (PFPs) previously explored on other chains are now being reimagined and taken in different directions.

Will it be successful? No one knows yet, but it’s an interesting grand experiment.

Dropping a detailed report on Ordinals for Delphi members soon. Watch for it.

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This is awesome Teng, and spot on imo. I think that a lot of people discounted Ordinals in the beginning because they just saw them at Bitcoin NFTs. But you're thesis that they are a new medium is spot on, and what attracted me to them initially as well.

I'm glad we feel the same way!