Players Spent ~250k APE On In-Game Purchases In HV-MTL: Forge Season 1

Last week Friday, the first season of HV-MTL: Forge ended. Looking past the sub-optimal UX and simple mechanics, HV-MTL: Forge ended season 1 with:

  • 36,965ETH in total NFT trading volume

  • 243,564APE spent on in-game purchases

  • Average revenue per paying user of 156APE (~$330)

Although these metrics are not an accurate representation of what will happen if/when Yuga Labs takes their games from being token-gated to free-to-play, it is impressive nonetheless.

In addition to the base-building core gameplay of Forge, we saw the introduction of a fairly novel social competitive mechanic where players could spend their precious energy to vote on other players’ Forges (giving them an upvote or downvote). This mechanic ultimately determined one’s position on the leaderboard, and depending on your rank, players would be eligible to win one of 5 rarities of APMs.

AMPs are a crucial component in the HV-MTL multi-game saga, and players must secure at least 3 (out of a potential 6) in order to progress to the next phase. Unsurprisingly, something this important within the BAYC ecosystem was quickly industrialized. Low-ranking players started selling votes for anywhere between $4 and $6.

Long story short, one would need to pay as much as $2k-$3k in order to secure a Legendary AMP. Interestingly, 4 days after Forge had ended, Legendary AMP HVs were listed for an average of 415% higher than non-AMP NFTs. In dollar terms, this means that if you had min-maxed and P2W your way to a Legendary, you could be walking away with as much as $8k in profit!

Full report coming soon:

  • The Otherside ecosystem – Where does Yuga go from here?

  • Dookey Dash vs. HV-MTL – Is it sustainable?

  • A bunch more stuff on why Yuga Labs should be on your radar, regardless of whether you’re bullish or bearish.

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