Polemos - Partners with ILV, IMX & Beyond!

  1. Delphi Ventures is excited to be backing @Polemos_io, a blockchain gaming platform providing news, info and services to players, making it a one-stop-shop for teams and gamers alike

    Recently Polemos was chosen as the official lending tech provider for Illuvium on the heels of their partnership with IMX.

Let’s dive in

  1. Polemos will provide player facing analytics for Immutable games to help their players see progress toward their goals and identify opportunities to improve their gameplay

    The collaboration between Polemos and Illuvium helps games deliver on the promises of blockchain tech in gaming from last cycle. By integrating Polemos’ lending solutions, “The Armory”, Illuvium aims to enhance player engagement, progression, creativity, and asset liquidity.

  2. At the core of this partnership is ‘The Armory,’ a lending and staking protocol developed by Polemos. It’s designed for secure and accessible NFT lending, enabling and empowering gamers to leverage their digital assets in unprecedented ways. 

4. From Polemos CEO Richard McLaren on The Armory tech –

“You don’t have to cover the value of the asset because we’re confident the technology prevents you from damaging that in any way. So, it opens up this as non-collateralized lending to a much wider audience of people who don’t have the capital to put down to secure an asset.”

  1. Polemos won’t simply stop with “The Armory” as it’s just a piece of their tech and platform that will help to bring the vision of web3 gaming into clearer focus. Their other content and pillars have been viewed by over 700k unique viewers and have secured multiple other partnerships that are both announced and unannounced. 

    There’s still much to come from their team in 2024, so make sure to follow along with them to not miss a moment!

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