Protect your art JPEGs

So FlamingoDAO, one of the most prominent art collector DAOs, just bought up a chunk of art NFTs today. And they might not be stopping.

Gaming NFTs and Solana NFTs have been on absolute fire recently. Is it time for the art market to catch on?

I should mention that:

  • Art Basel Miami is happening next week (9 – 11 Dec) and there will be some buzz around NFT art there.

  • fxhash 2.0 (the generative art platform on Tezos) is launching on Ethereum today and has a stellar lineup of artists dropping new mints.

So it’s probably worth keeping an eye on your favorite artworks. As always, the best strategy is to accumulate art that you love, from artists that are actively growing their brand.

A few collections/artists that I personally like:

  • Jack Butcher is proving that there is strong demand for his works, with a recent Trademark collection launch that did a 5X from mint price. Watch for Opepens and Checks.

  • Chromie Squiggles are the Cryptopunks of the generative art space; it’s hard to go wrong with them over a long time horizon

  • Meridian (Matt DesLauriers), Memories of Qilin (Emily Xie), and Anticyclone (William Mapan) are beautiful Art Blocks classics by well-respected generative artists.

  • Terraforms are complex and unique in a way that others have not been able to replicate.

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