Remember Remember The 1st Of September

With summer winding down, I wanted to spend a few moments highlighting Bitcoin and Ethereum’s September seasonality. As users can see from the charts above and below, September is a usually rocky month for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin averaged a return of -7.81% in September, going back to 2014. Out of 9 prior Septembers, Bitcoin only had positive returns in two. Ethereum meanwhile averages a return of -17.28% every September, going back to 2015. Of the eight prior Septembers, Ethereum also only had two positive months. Of course, many factors affect the price of crypto assets – September seasonality could even be a reflexive phenomenon caused by people simply believing September is a tough month. Regardless of the cause, the data is clear: Bitcoin and Ethereum struggled in September.

Thankfully, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and crypto assets generally bounce back in October. Bitcoin averaged 21.66% in October, and Ethereum 7.96%. Of the past Octobers, both assets were positive in most of them.Given the state of the market, I would not be surprised if crypto assets follow their usual seasonality. Thankfully, readers can easily track their asset’s seasonality with Delphis quant tools in the Datahub – which, if you haven’t, I recommend trying out.

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