RenTech CEO Gives Rare Interview

For those unaware, Renaissance Technologies (Ren Tech) is a quantitative hedge fund founded in the 1980s by Jim Simons, a former code breaker for the NSA. Ren Tech is arguably the most successful hedge fund in history, generating an average annual return of 35% since its inception 40 years ago.

Ren Tech is known for its use of cutting-edge mathematical and statistical models to trade financial markets. Ironically, Ren Tech does not hire finance professionals in any capacity, sticking solely to mathematicians, statisticians, programmers and computer scientists. Ren Tech believes it is easier to teach markets to this group of people, than to teach programming and computer science to people with preexisting financial market knowledge and biases. This is an important theme throughout the interview.

A few of the major players at Ren Tech include:

  1. Jim Simons – founder and chairman of Ren Tech. Jim is a world-renowned mathematician and computer scientist.

  2. Peter Brown – current CEO of Ren Tech, and a former early AI/LLM pioneer at IBM.

  3. Robert Mercer – former co-CEO of Ren Tech, and an expert in quantitative trading.

The above interview focuses on Peter Brown, the current CEO of Ren Tech. In the interview, Peter discusses:

  • How he helped to develop the firm’s trading models, starting with equities and moving into all other instruments.

  • Co-managed all trading, research, and technical activities

  • How he helped to lead the firm through the Quant Quake of 2007 and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis

  • Growing the firm’s assets under management to over $100 billion

Highly recommend this interview to anyone interested in financial markets.

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