Solana Liveness Failure (Outage)

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Solana had a liveness failure today. Cause unknown but rumor is that it was a client bug. You can track progress in the link in the tweet (h
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I am very bullish on Solana, however, this outage really makes me think about my thesis. For many defi applications it’s very problematic, because you can get wiped out easily if the market movs against you and you cannot manage your positions. Somehow I was expecting another downtime, because it’s still early technology. However, if Sol wants to become a serious player these outages are not acceptable. What’s your take on this? I am surprised that price stayed quite stable. Any thoughts?

it can't be a leading defi chain with liveness failures. they've been lucky so far that price has been fairly stable during these, but what if there's a big macro event at the same time? it would be bad.

it doesn't matter as much for other stuff like depin, payments (code still ran), nfts, etc, but the highest value in a blockchain is having a vibrant defi economy, and constant liveness failures definitely puts that at risk.

i am hopeful that with firedancer + other clients that eventually they will figure out a fallback method (eg. one client has bug, fallback to secondary to continue) but it's theoretical and a lot of nuance to how that would work. more client diversity is sorely needed.