Stargate's Growth

  • Among the cross-chain bridges, Stargate tops the table in terms of volume bridged and transactions.
  • Money markets like Radiant Capital are leveraging on Stargate’s stable router interface to allow users to borrow and bridge across chain. Such integrations are no doubt a boon for Stargate.
  • In the last 24h over $100m has gone through the protocol in ~377k transactions.  One thing  to note is that compared to the other top bridges, Stargate’s volume to transaction ratio seems a little skewed.
  • Notably, Stargate trades at a fully diluted valuation of $784m,  more than triple the valuation of Synapse ($214m) and more than 5 times higher than Hop ($140m). However, that is still lower than the first runner up, Multichain  whose FDV is the highest of the lot, coming in at $960m.
  • Sources: DefiLlama, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko
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