Symbiogenesis by Square Enix

Symbiogenesis is an upcoming game featuring a new type of NFT-based entertainment, merging collectible digital artwork with actual gameplay benefits, all within a realm known as The Floating Continent. Square Enix, the renowned publisher of blockbuster franchises such as Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider, is behind its creation. The collection is scheduled to debut towards the end of April, featuring a browser game that will be accessible on both personal computers and mobile devices.

The Ethereum network is set to host the launch of 10,000 character NFTs, while Polygon will provide game utility. Every NFT will correspond to a specific race and profession, featuring bust-up images that can be utilized as PFPs. The Normies, Spikes, Merchants, and Guards have been revealed as the races so far.

The game falls under the category of “Narrative-unlocked NFT entertainment,” requiring players to uncover mysteries and complete Missions and Quests based on the stories that unfold each day, as well as the narrative information embedded within the NFTs. Each of the 10,000 NFTs will have its own distinctive backstory, with only NFT holders granted access to their character’s tale, creating an “information gap” between NFT owners and non-owners.

The game will consist of 2 phases:

  1. Unlocking Stories (6 Chapters in total)

  2. World Missions

In the first phase, all players will conquer Missions and Quests based on the stories that are released each day. In the second phase, the fate of the project will be determined by three players who secured the highest ranks during the first phase and were selected to participate in the second phase.There are more complex mechanics involved, centered around “Information Warfare” and ranking up highest to take part in phase 2 of the game, the World Missions.

More details can be found in the upcoming NFT Debrief (March), which is scheduled to be published next Monday. More details such as how the mint process will be conducted and how the game mechanics will work will be made available for our members. Stay tuned!

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