The Definitive Conversation on the Government's Regulatory Assault on Crypto

Given the plethora of regulatory announcements in the crypto space, we’re excited to share a long-form podcast with industry experts on the outlook for crypto regulations and their impact on the market.

On this episode Miller Whitenhouse-Levine, the CEO of DeFi Education Fund, Marisa T Coppel, Policy Counsel at Blockchain Association, and Sarah Brennan, GC of Delphi Ventures, join host Tommy for the definitive episode on crypto regulations.   

The episode covers the outlook for regulations in the United States, an analysis of Kraken’s staking settlement vs. Coinbase’s position, the SEC’s grab for power and bandwidth, the Ripple and LBRY cases, lobbying and advocacy efforts, operation chokepoint, and more.

The podcast can be viewed on Spotify and Apple:



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