Top Blur farmers switch to Friend Tech

Lately, there’s been an influx of Blur farmers who have switched from farming Blur points to farming Friend Tech points. After sustaining losses on Blur, they’ve realized that it’s far better to farm something on an uptrend.

Hanwe (#2 Blur farmer) is already active with a key price of 2.6E

Machi Big Brother said he will be launching his Friend Tech account this friday.

But the most interesting one to watch is CBB0FE (or CBB for short), the #1 farmer on Blur. He’s been extremely active on Friend Tech, and is working together with a small “cartel” of 5 other FT accounts to farm points. He launched a scheme where 25% of his and his cartel’s points airdrop will go towards his keyholders. CBB’s key is priced at 5.7E now.

I did some analysis on the CBB cartel and their points earnings this week. Quite interesting :

CBB — 31,790 points this week (48 points per ETH, or PPE)

SheepofBitmex — 2,594 points (57 PPE)

SmartBizon — 7,475 ppints (67 PPE)

Saudi Bidoor — 4,222 points (74 PPE)

Gatien — 4,369 points (38 PPE)

Bitgoten — 8,970 points (64 PPE)

Total for CBB cartel = 59,420 points this week

At the time of analysis, there looks to be ~258 CBB keys that are not self-owned. CBB shares 25% of his points with all key holders, that is ~57 points per CBB keyholder this week.

Assuming this remains the same each week and there are 17 more points periods left (we are in week 7 now), each CBB keyholder could potentially get ~969 points/key at the end of 6 months. This is in addition to any points the keyholder earns directly from holding CBB’s key.

Definitely, some interesting farming games are going on right now on Friend Tech.

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