Upcoming Mint: DenDekaDen's Spirit Key Avatars

DenDekaDen, which is a project jointly launched between Toei Animation and Strata, is set to launch their Spirit Key Avatars, consisting of 7777 NFTs. Toei Animation is one of the world’s most popular anime production studios and has produced more than 230 anime titles spanning from Dragon Ball Z, Sailormoon, One Piece, and many more. Strata is a creative organization that created bespoke artworks for the NFT, art, and gaming industries and leveraged various technologies to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

The NFTs will be dynamic, comprising of fixed attributes, customizable features, and equipable traits. Holders will have the ability to swap out customizable traits at any given moment, allowing for a personalized NFT tailored to their preferences. DenDekaDen has already introduced its inaugural collection of 756 Genesis Omikuji, documenting the expedition of seven souls with a backstory rooted in the sacred lots found in Japanese shrines and temples.

Genesis Omikuji holders will be the core of the ecosystem, with the biggest influence on the storyline and exclusive access to DDD events and alpha access utility across all worlds. Holders also can expect exclusive airdrops, product lines, auctions, and priority access to any new developments. Spirit Key holders are next in line, enjoying similar benefits as Genesis Omikuji holders, but will be second in line when it comes to utility. A future “Followers” mint will be next, with a supply of 77K NFTs. Details are still unclear at the moment.

Take note this is not a public mint.  A total of 756 Genesis Omikujis will be airdropped 50% of the supply, and below is the full supply allocation:

Team: 385 spots (airdrop)

Genesis Omikuji Holders: 893 spots (airdrop), 2967 (Guaranteed Mint)

Giveaway Partners: 3532 spots (Guaranteed Mint)

Waitlist:  3100 spots (Overallocated, First Come, First Serve Basis)

The collection will go be available for minting on 2 April at a price of 0.29 ETH per NFT. Interested collectors can purchase a Genesis Omikuji to secure an airdrop and guaranteed mint spots.

Giveaway partners will also be allocated 3632 guaranteed mint spots, consisting of the following communities:

To keep up to date with the project, be sure to follow their Twitter.


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