Upcoming Mint: Weebox's San FranTokyo NFT Ticket

Weebox is an upcoming platform for licensed Anime digital collectibles that will release a complimentary Genesis collection. Holders of this collection will be guaranteed a place on the allowlist for Season 1 of Weebox, as well as access to the upcoming San FranTokyo PFP collection.

This project holds significant potential for several reasons. Anime boasts a massive and passionate fanbase, with popular series like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and Demon Slayer already having a strong presence in mainstream culture. However, Weebox stands out from other Web3 native anime projects, such as Clone X and Azuki, as well as game ecosystems like DigiDaigaku, by adopting a different approach.

Rather than solely relying on the blockchain, Weebox has taken the initiative to collaborate with major manga publishers, animation studios, and figurine companies to create unique digital experiences. In fact, they have already established a partnership with the iconic anime series Ghost in the Shell, and several others are already in the pipeline.

The project’s innovative concept involves combining physical anime collectibles with ERC-6551 (NFT Bound Accounts) tokens and intriguing storylines. This combination brings a new level of interactivity and identity to the physical collectibles. For instance, a Naruto figurine could cease to be a static toy and instead become a gateway to a series of virtual experiences where fans can earn other NFTs and participate in other exciting virtual activations.

The team behind Weebox is stacked, led by Daisuke Iwase, the CEO of Animoca Brands Japan. They also have experienced professionals from the fields of music and entertainment, digital branding and strategy, and individuals well-versed in the Web3 realm.

The free drop is set to launch in August, which will lead to their Genesis PFP collection. To participate, you can sign up and submit your applications to mint until July 24.


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Hey Teng, is this the first NFT project to partner with well known Anime brands/IPs? I am surprised I don't see more given the popularity of Anime.

The Ghost in the Shell one is awesome, that was the first Anime I ever saw.