Upcoming Mints: Asprey Bugatti Egg Phygital Collection


Asprey and Bugatti formed a partnership to launch the upcoming Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection, which will be produced as both a physical object and NFT generative artwork on Bitcoin. This is the first time the two luxury brands are coming together to launch a phygital good and experiment with inscribing digital content onto the Bitcoin network. Collectors will be able to pay using crypto (USDC/ETH/BTC) or fiat (USD/GBP).


The Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection’s digital version will be a dynamic NFT. It transforms from an oval shape to the actual shape of the Asprey Bugatti physical egg once a week. This artwork was created by Ali John Walker of the Asprey Studio and coded by Danny Yang from Metagood. The idea behind this NFT is to establish a novel form of expression, and by existing in the Bitcoin network, the artwork can last forever, symbolizing the heritage and history of both Asprey and Bugatti. Additionally, the teams have hinted at a second piece of artwork that will be revealed to egg holders later in the year.


The Asprey Studio will handcraft the physical version of the Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection in their London workshop. These Eggs will be made of carbon fiber and precious metals, with some diamond-set versions, and will feature a hinged Asprey diamond door that opens to the right. This door reveals a sterling silver scene of the iconic Bugatti chateau, with a removable Bugatti Type 41 Royale car sculpture, along with Rembrandt’s Dancing Elephant and the iconic Bugatti grille. The Eggs will be available in various colors, ranging from the light pastel shades of Asprey and Bugatti, to the black carbon edition. Furthermore, Eggs numbered #100–#111 will come in diamond and imperial jade versions and will be customizable, commanding a premium price point starting at $200K USD.

Priority mint will be given to holders of the existing Asprey Bugatti La Voiture Noire NFT collection, followed by holders of the Asprey Studio Club NFT. Holders of an Asprey Studio Club NFT will also be able to redeem an exclusive signet ring, but take note: the NFT must have an unredeemed status.

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