Wrapped CryptoPunks Are Officially on Blur

@punksOTC, a well-known CryptoPunks market maker, recently established an order book for wrapped CryptoPunks, effectively introducing the original collection onto the Blur marketplace. This development provides a great opportunity for both punk owners and buyers to benefit from BLUR token incentives. When the 10,000 CryptoPunks collection was launched in June 2017, it was incompatible with Ethereum marketplaces like OpenSea and Blur due to the absence of ERC-721. However, wrapping CryptoPunks has made it possible to comply with this standard, making it tradable on any Ethereum marketplace.

As of now, wrapped CryptoPunks has become one of the highest volume collections on Blur, surpassing BAYC/MAYC and Azuki, with 2240 wrapped CryptoPunks available for trade without any royalties. With the collection offering BLUR token incentives, we can expect to see more CryptoPunks being wrapped as owners and buyers take advantage of this opportunity. Punk holders can wrap their punks and make them tradeable here.

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