Simon Harman: Chainflip's Cross-chain Swaps Enable Crypto's On-Chain Future

FEB 02, 2024 • 79 Min

Tom Shaughnessy + 1 other
Can Gurel
Tom Shaughnessy
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Simon Harman, founder of decentralized cross-chain swap protocol Chainflip, joins us for an in-depth discussion on the future of trading in crypto.

We cover the motivation behind building a decentralized exchange focused on major layer 1 assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the technical challenges with supporting Bitcoin, and how ChainFlip achieves fast, no-slippage swaps.

Simon explains ChainFlip’s advanced liquidity architecture including the JIT AMM, which allows liquidity providers to bid on trades in real-time. We discuss the debate around active versus passive liquidity and why active liquidity management is essential for competitive pricing.

Looking at sustainability and security, Simon shares his views on how to define profitability for DeFi protocols and how ChainFlip captures value to incentivize FLIP token holders. He also walks us through ChainFlip’s extensive testing and processes to prevent hacks.

With cross-chain interoperability on the rise, we get Simon’s thoughts on the app chain thesis and why application-specific blockchains have advantages over generalized smart contract platforms.

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Tom Shaughnessy + 1 other
Can Gurel
Tom Shaughnessy

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