Skip: Building Blocks in Cosmos

APR 27, 2023 • 22 Min Read

Ceteris Ceteris
The author of this report may personally hold material positions in ATOM, OSMO, ANOMA, ETH, SOL. The

Appchains, Sovereign MEV, and Skip

MEV. Maximum extractable value. PBS. Order flow auctions. Shared sequencers. Cross-domain MEV. If you’re keeping up with the discourse in crypto today, nearly every discussion involves these terms, and for good reason. MEV touches nearly every on-chain transaction, and the goal of protocols is to identify and extract it as efficiently and fairly as possible. Those protocols who are not able to capture the MEV they create will struggle to accrue value. This is where Skip comes in, providing the infrastructure for Cosmos appchains to capture their MEV.

In Ethereum, the MEV landscape is defined by Flashbots and PBS (proposer/builder separation). For a general purpose chain like Ethereum, building blocks is hard. Due to the size, variety, and complexity of transaction sets, the complex task of building blocks is outsourced to specialized parties called block builders. This has the benefit of kee

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