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Yan Liberman, CFA, CAIA

Yan Liberman, CFA, CAIA

Managing Partner

Yan’s focus at Delphi has always been on the quantitative side, ranging from developing predictive on-chain metrics to dissecting various types of Automated Market Makers. His time was primarily spent building out models for research reports and designing token econ for projects on the consulting front. This has helped him develop a strong understanding of token mechanics and assessing their ability to accrue value. As Managing Partner at Delphi Ventures, his focus will be on investing in and working with portfolio companies. He will also host Delphi’s Deconstructing DeFi podcast. Yan brings a strong understanding of fundamental and quantitative analysis to Delphi Digital having spent a sizable part of his career in a research capacity.

He provided in-depth, company-specific insights and thematic research in a previous role as an Equity Research Associate covering the global techno9logy sector for Bloomberg Intelligence. Prior to this, Yan worked as a Dividend Forecasting Analyst for Bloomberg L.P., where he developed a systematic approach for predicting future capital distributions for companies leveraging fundamental and regression analysis. After this time at Bloomberg, Yan moved to Deutshe Bank’s Leveraged Finance CRM group covering the Retail sector.

Yan holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and is a CFA and CAIA charterholder. Yan has Series 79 license.

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