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This Week’s Forum Threads (September 27th)

It was a slower-than-usual week for governance, but there still are some events to be aware of: Staking Module Overpayment If you’re s

Copper, Skis, Shipping Containers, and UTVs.

Finally, after what has felt like decades of rate hikes, there seems to be some evidence that the economy is starting to slow and open the w

Intraday Market Dynamics Continued

Last week on September 21, we discussed some intraday market dynamics as BTC pulled back from mid $27Ks into the mid $26K region. More speci

G-SHOCK's Creator Pass Soul Bound Token Free Mint Ends on September 23

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G-SHOCK, a prominent line of retail watches from the Japanese electronics company Casio, is venturing into Web-3 technology by introducing t

Wicked Decentralization Stagecraft

In the last two weeks, both major Optimistic Rollups (Optimism & Arbitrum) have indicated an upcoming increase in float. But we know tha

Getting Creative with Yield Strategies

On-chain yields have become dry, and newly launched yield farms do not last long. Here, I will share some creative strategies to generate yields through a delta-minimized lens. Our focus is on tokens with single-sided staking rewards paired with a p

Intraday Market Dynamics Flash Warning Signs

This morning I do the same thing I always do… I checked the price and realized that they were bad prices. Equities markets are selling off a

This Week’s Forum Threads (September 20th)

Here are some of the governance threads I recommend you stay abreast of: Arbitrum’s Incentivized Governance Arbitrum has proposed an e

T2049 Personal Takeaways

Last week was Token 2049 in Singapore — probably the biggest crypto conference in Asia. Surprisingly, the attendance was larger than last ye

Look For Anomalies... Anomalies = Opportunity

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Last week, I began tweeting about some rather anomalous behavior that I was noticing occur on TRB. Specifically, I was noticing prolonged pe