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Exploring Web3's Implications for Multi-Billion Dollar In-Game Item Economies

As mobile gaming grew its share of the global games industry, the free-to-play business was booming. Following a model of onboarding first a
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Steep drop in VC funding for Crypto projects

Where is the money? The steep drop in VC funding across the board for Crypto teams is pretty stark. Even if the data in the chart below isn’

Gaming Deals Are Up 240% MoM

We saw a 66% increase in total funding amount and a 240% increase in the number of deals announced in May compared to April. That being said, total Web3 game investments are still down by 37% compared to February. It is fair to say that market unce

Blend Is the New Leader in NFT Lending

As a new contender in the NFT lending realm, Blend achieved a remarkable feat by capturing 77% of the total NFT borrowing volume market shar

Reddit Avatars: NFTs as Digital Identity

Reddit — the “front page of the internet” — has been revolutionizing the way people interact and share ideas since its inception in 2005. Re

The (Draft) Market Structure Bill: A Note on Strategy.

Everyone is still absorbing the recently dropped draft digital asset market structure bill (DAMS), and I wanted to provide a broader perspec

Delphi’s Crypto Security Updates (June 5th)

Last week was a brutal week for crypto-related exploits and hacks. Here are the ones you should be aware of to prepare yourself and put some

OpenSea Fights Back

OpenSea Pro has surpassed Blur in terms of daily unique users since its launch. More NFT traders are trying out products on OpenSea Pro than

Vertex Becomes Latest Perps Exchange to Challenge GMX

Vertex Protocol is a hybrid orderbook/AMM DEX that launched on Arbitrum in April. It’s key differentiators are its low fees (0/3 bps) and u

The History of Dollar Hate

As someone who loves Bitcoin and thinks fiat is always doomed to fail, I find myself in the odd position of defending the dollar – at