4844 Slated to go Live Mid-March

The long awaited EIP-4844 is slated to go live in mid-March. As a refresher, this is the introduction of a new “blob” fee market for rollups to utilize. For the full explanation see the Infra Yeah Ahead Report from back in December.

This is important timing for Ethereum as rollups have started to migrate to alternative DA layers like Celestia, DAC’s, and EigenDA & Avail launching soon as well. People have generally expected a (handwavey) 10x reduction in fees for rollups but no one really knows. Lots of factors are in play:

  • how many rollups migrate from posting calldata to using blob market
  • how many new rollups will launch saturating this market (not a “bad” thing as you still are facilitating more activity)
  • do the apes use the blob market for inscriptions or other weird things we haven’t thought of?

Expect to see *a lot* of 4844 speculation and narratives across the timeline over the next 1.5 months leading up to it. ETH, ETH beta (rollups tokens), new rollups, etc.

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so far only a few rollups have upgraded but arbitrum plans to do so today. you can track which rollups are using blobs here: https://l2beat.com/scaling/data-availability

it'll take a few days to get a better picture but i'll have a new post on this next week, and we'll talk about it more on office hours (wed @ 12pm edt).