One NFT collection that saw a lot of interest over the weekend: Pixelmon. Its floor prices doubled over just a few days while many other NFTs were languishing.

Wait… did I say that right? If you were around during the NFT bull market in 2021, you would remember Pixelmon. This collection sold out at 3 ETH each on a Dutch Auction, raking in over $50M (based on ETH prices then) for the founder. However, it was later found out that there was no actual game and the art was poorly made by freelance artists.

Since then however, Pixelmon has undergone a heavy restructuring, acquired by a studio. It has a new CEO at the helm with over 50 game devs and designers working on Pixelmon currently. The full action-RPG type game is planned to be released in early 2024, and the early trailers look pretty cool. It’s seen a lot of interest from SpiritDAO as well as Azuki whales lately. While waiting for the game to launch, holders can participate in staking games to earn additional NFTs. E3 serums are expected to be released in the next few weeks, that allow owners to evolve their Pixelmons.

Everyone loves comeback stories, and Pixelmon seems to be on track to be one. For those who enjoy Pokemon-type games, it could be worth keeping an eye on this project.

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