Airdrop Season (Wormhole, Kamino, Saga)

There have been three airdrop announcements today. First, Wormhole launched their airdrop checker:

The airdrop spans multiple chains, projects, and NFT collections:


Some of these are for just having used and others are for joining project discords. Mad lads who did the discord verification task are being dropped 16,000 each with 3,200 vesting immediately and the rest over a year. At the current time, $W is trading around $2.5 on Whales Market, valuing this airdrop at $40k.

The next announcement was from Kamino. They just have a tweet that says “tomorrow”, but it seems likely it is about their token. Kamino has been running a points program for awhile and with the market hot teams may be looking to launch soon.


Lastly, Saga:

With friend tech, Eigen, MarginFi. and many more, it’s possible we see a lot of token launches over the coming months.

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