Alpha Feed Picks for June 2023

Every month, I plan to aggregate my favorite Alpha Feed posts of the month. Here’s a highlight some of the best insights I think our team put out in June.


OI = Effort by Jason

In this post, Jason outlines how people often misinterpret market structure data like open interest, cumulative volume delta (CVD), and liquidations. He uses a simple case study from early June along with his knowledge of liquidity movement and orderbook mechanics to explain how you can often find market context in simple ways.


Gaming Deals Up 240% MoM by Joe

The global gaming market is ticking up again, with the number of deals up 240% MoM and the total funding size up 66% over the same period. This, however, has not translated to Web 3 gaming — as Joe also pointed out in the latest Gaming Roundup for Pro subscribers. But it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all gloomy. My key insight here was that investors are still keen to invest in games and gaming tech — Web 3 gaming just needs to figure out a sustainable but lucrative model to build and operate enjoyable games. As the Web 3 gaming landscape improves, the capital will being to flow again (based on merit, as it should be).


Happy Uniswap v4 Day by Jordan

Uniswap v4 was one of the biggest announcements in June. It introduces an architectural overhaul of the DEX and its core mechanics. Amongst various other things, the most exciting aspect of this is the newfound customization v4 brings to LPs. You can also see my thoughts on it here, and what seems to be the biggest technical challenge with v4 here.


June 14 FOMC Preview by Michael

As someone who doesn’t really keep up with macro environment as much as they should, this was a great refresher on the state of the market and the interest rate environment. Michael breaks down the primer on what’s going on with rates, inflation, and offers an alternate hypothesis for how all of this could play out (which was kind of accurate).


The TL;DR on Azukis’ Elementals and Plans Ahead by Teng

If you’ve been on Twitter lately, you probably know about the latest Azuki debacle. The one sentence primer is that they launched a new collection, called Elementals, which look exactly like the original Azukis. Naturally, this didn’t go down well with the community — or the market, as the Azuki floor price cratered. The Azuki team had an open discussion about their plans for Elementals with the community over a Twitter space, which Teng breaks down in this post and offers his two cents on the situation.


MAV Token Takes Flight by Jordan

Maverick is a really interesting DEX — one that we covered last month for Delphi Pro subscribers. But they kind of fumbled their token launch. It’s pretty ironic for a decentralized exchange to give up a piece of their supply to Binance to secure a listing. Sure, every project would like a Binance listing cuz it opens up their token’s market. But its antithetical to Maverick’s entire value prop to depend on a CEX in this way. In this post, Jordan breaks down MAV’s token distribution and vesting schedule, while opining on its core token design and structuring.


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