Artist Highlight: Reuben Wu

Reuben Wu

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Reuben Wu is a British photographer, filmmaker, and music producer based in the United States. He is known for his landscape and fine art photography, which often features remote and otherworldly locations and is characterized by a distinctive use of light and color.

He began his career as a musician, as a member of the electronic music group Ladytron, but he also had a strong interest in photography. Over time, his focus shifted more toward photography. He began to develop a style that combined landscape photography with light art, using drones and other technology to create otherworldly and dramatic images.

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In 2022, Reuben Wu’s first National Geographic assignment was published as a cover story on Stonehenge in the magazine’s August issue. Wu’s unconventional drone lighting technique was used to illuminate the ancient megalith at night, resulting in a stunning and unique portrayal of the iconic site. Wu’s work on the Stonehenge story was recently recognized, as it won the “Online Storytelling Project of the Year” award in the Pictures of the Year International Competition in March 2023. This prestigious award is given annually to documentary photographers and photojournalists as part of Pictures of the Year International and is a testament to the quality and impact of Wu’s storytelling through his photography.

In March 2021, Wu became increasingly involved in the world of NFTs. He has created several series of NFT artworks, often featuring his distinctive landscape photography, and has also collaborated with other artists and musicians on NFT projects. In 2021, he created an NFT series called “Lux Noctis,” which featured his signature light art and landscape photography and which sold for over $200,000.

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Wu’s success in the world of NFTs is partly due to his reputation as an award-winning photographer and artist but also reflects his ability to adapt to new technologies and explore new ways of presenting and selling his work.

For more, stay tuned for the upcoming NFT Photography Report.

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