Bitcoin Gaming & The Power Of Nano-Transactions (Executive Summary)

Nano-transactions are a novel and powerful tool uniquely unlocked by blockchain technology. The use of reward-based nano-transactions in games can have a significant impact on core KPIs and monetization. Bitcoin and its L2, the Lightning Network, is perhaps best positioned to deliver this value to developers and consumers.

3 Key Takeaways From Real-World Case Studies:

  • Bitcoin Miner saw a reported 1,200% increase in D30 retention as soon as they integrated Bitcoin rewards.
  • PlayEmber saw a 380% increase in D14 ARPU in their Bitcoin-rewarded game compared to non-rewarded alternatives.
  • Increased adoption of these models from mobile ad networks (AdInMo and Adjoe), streaming or podcasting platforms (Zap Stream and Fountain), and decentralized social media (Nostr) present an exciting area of development with opportunities for innovation.

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