Blur Traders Engages in Larger-Sized Trades Compared to OpenSea Pro

By delving deeper into the trading patterns of Blur and OpenSea Pro users, we can discern notable distinctions in their user bases. It is evident that Blur’s user base tends to engage in larger-sized trades, likely attributed to the attractive BLUR incentives provided for high-volume collections like BAYC and MAYC, which boast higher floor prices.

Over the past three months, Blur users have exhibited an average sale size per trade of 5.27 ETH. In contrast, OpenSea Pro’s user base demonstrates a similar average sale size per trade as the general-purpose OpenSea, with values of 0.78 ETH and 0.56 ETH, respectively. Evidently, BLUR incentives have successfully attracted a user base interested in conducting higher-value transactions.

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